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About Us

Thank you for visiting our website - we would like to personally welcome you to and sincerely hope that we will be able to help you find good health in a natural and safe way.

This is where you can learn more about what we represent and how you can really benefit from our website and from our 100% natural products.

Matula Tea™

In June, Professor Patrick JD Bouic delivered the results from his clinical tests on Matula Tea™. The results were not only good, they were excellent! The most significant result proved that Matula Tea could do what no other antibiotic could do - neutralize H. pylori completely, and without any side effects. In fact, Professor Bouic was so impressed he has personally endorsed Matula Tea™. was originally developed to provide you with information on risk free solutions to overcome any health problems you may be suffering from, starting with H. pylori infections and later on moving aheadwith other new products. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive range of educational information on natural health and the best natural solutions to healthier living.

For the Future

We at aim to pioneer a completely new standard within the Natural Health Industry. Our objective is to shift the onus of proof of safety and efficacy of all natural treatments firmly onto all manufacturers who market or sell these products.

Making false claims in this industry is simply no longer acceptable. We decided that we were going to be the first website ever to give consumers, like you, complete confidence before you make the decision to buy any of our products.

So, on the website you will find authentic factual evidence, endorsements from prominent members of the medical profession, plus verifiable testimonials from patients who have enjoyed the benefits of our products.

We are unequivocally committed towards constantly delivering the highest levels of integrity and confidence for you, our customer. We rely on your success and positive word of mouth in sharing your experience with others in future.

At we share the same passion to make your experience with us a memorable and lasting one, particularly regarding your future good health.

Our Mission Statement

First and foremost our mission at is highly focused on providing you, our valued customer, with unparalleled excellence, integrity and confidence in our service and products. We go the extra mile to make absolutely sure that we exceed expectations.

Our Mission is to establish a considerably higher level of expectation within the Natural Health Industry for people, like you, who choose to buy Natural or Complimentary Alternative Medicines.

We have already been able to achieve this for the following reasons.

  • Firstly, we are highly selective and very thorough in investigating any products that we choose to promote. We only choose exceptional or breakthrough natural cures like MatulaTea that have been scientifically tested and proven, beyond doubt, to attain the highest levels of both Safety and Efficacy.

  • Secondly, our quality standards require that our products are packed by an accredited manufacturing facility that has FDA Registration, USDA NOP Production Standards Certification, SGS Organic Production Standards Certification and is HACCP Registered.

  • What makes us really stand out alone is our policy to publish authentic endorsements from renowned Professors and Doctors together with the actual results and evidence of the scientific studies, directly on This is specifically to give you total confidence and peace of mind before you decide to place your order with us.

  • Lastly, we further reduce your risk by offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee. We believe that our approach will enable you to take direct control of your health knowing that you can rely on to deliver a totally effective and trustworthy solution to your condition.

Our Values Statement

We are uncompromisingly committed towards the following values:-

  • Exceeding Expectations with innovative Health Solutions and excellence in Customer Service.

  • Our primary motivation is our passion is to help you to regain control of your health and well-being.

  • Practicing the highest levels of Integrity, Respect, Trust, Commitment, Sincerity, Honesty and Excellence at all times.

  • To honor every promise or statement we make to you in our website.

  • Providing you with total confidence in our information and cures.

  • Providing you with absolute facts about our products without any misleading information or claims.

  • We are able to verify all the information and claims that we make in our website, including originals of testimonials that we have received.

  • Undertaking to answer all correspondence promptly and accurately.

  • Strictly keeping our promises to you as stated in our Privacy Statement.

    Sources and references

    All our information is sourced from various digestive health experts,
    a world renowned immunologist, and from these trusted websites;


The Lancet



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