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Get the facts about Helicobacter Pylori
Find out all you really need to know about H. pylori right here. Contrary to popular belief, this 'stealth invader' type bacteria can be treated safely by natural means and without any negative effects.

80 - 90% of patients with Ulcers are infected with H. pylori
Research conducted by major universities has shown that the H. pylori bacteria has been detected in up to 90% of patients with stomach ulcers. The World Health Organization has also reported that H. pylori is also present in 50% of all new stomach cancer patients.

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We publish all Scientific Tests
We are the ONLY company to publish the test results of the clinical trials done on our products....


Clinically tested Products more likely to be trusted
Testimonials are one thing - but clinical tests can turn promises into facts! There is only one natural remedy that has rock-solid scientific proof that it works. You too can have complete peace of mind, knowing that you will be free from H. pylori and stomach ulcer symptoms.

Antibiotics become increasingly powerless
H. pyloriís resistance to antibiotics is increasing steadily. Almost 70% of Helicobacter Pylori strains in the West are now resistant to the antibiotics metronidazole and clarithromycin, both of which are prescribed in Triple and Quadruple Therapies.

The Natural Solution
We discuss all the good natural alternatives, but there is one that stands out from the rest - find out about the only treatment that will eradicate all strains of H. pylori in only 30 days - and without any of the negative side effects associated with prescribed drug therapies.

Sources and references

All our information is sourced from various digestive health experts,
a world renowned immunologist, and from these trusted websites;


The Lancet




In 2006, after suffering what he thought was heartburn and acid reflux for months and months, my husband Neil developed an extremely foul odor that and seemed to come from deep inside his throat.  What was most concerning to us was that it smelled like old or rotted blood.  We were worried!  We saw a Gastroenterologist who immediately ordered an endoscopy.

We were told there was no cure....

After the procedure, the doctor approached me with a very concerned look on his face.  He showed me photographs of my husbands esophagus - black spots and ulcers covered a large part of his esophagus.  My heart was in my throat when the doctor said that my husband had Barret's Disease, a pre- cancerous condition of the esophagus.  He told us that there was no cure, but that Neil could treat the symptoms with medication and a modification of his diet; he went on to say that hopefully that would keep cancer at bay, along with the array of symptoms he was suffering.

...there suddenly appeared a glimmer of hope...

We filled the expensive prescription and my husband made peace with the idea of taking it for the rest of his life.  I was not satisfied with that and decided to do a little research on what causes ulcers.  I learned about the H-pylori virus and how it does not respond to antibiotic treatment.  I was beginning to lose hope when there suddenly appeared a glimmer of hope ... a tea found only in Africa. 

But it seemed too good to be true....

Wild and extraordinary claims were made about this tea and its miraculous results.  At first, it seemed too good to be true.  Drink this stuff called Matula tea two times a day and you kill the virus responsible for many of the problems Neil had, so, with nothing to lose and everything to gain, we decided to give it a try.

...he decided not to take the medication
he had been prescribed...

For one month Neil drank the tea religiously and ate a reasonable diet.  It should be noted that during this "experiment" he decided not to take the medication he had been prescribed - the Matula tea we ordered would be his only course of care

The condition of Neil's esophagus was so serious that at the time of his first endoscopy, the doctor ordered a follow-up endoscopy to determine whether Neil's condition was getting worse and would require any kind of surgical intervention.  We strategically scheduled the follow-up endoscopy so that it would take place within days of Neil's completion of his "30-day Matula Tea Treatment."

It had been just weeks since his first procedure revealed a black esophagus with ulcers eating away at it...

Approximately six weeks later, and with a pronounced sense of worry, and a doom and gloom prognosis possibly hanging in the balance.  Neil was sedated and taken in for his second endoscopy.  It had been just weeks since his first procedure revealed a black esophagus with ulcers eating away at it.  I waited nervously, but this time I waited with a sense of hope and curiosity.

Now...there was nothing to find!

Within an hour, I was ushered back to see my groggy husband, soon after that, the doctor appeared.  Dr. S. had a puzzled look on his face and was clearly a little bewildered and befuddled as he announced that when they went in to explore my husband's throat and check on the status of the bleeding and ulcers - there was nothing to find! clean and new as the day he was born...

He went on to say that, not only was there no sign of black spots, ulcers, or bleedings, but that Neil's esophagus was as pink and healthy as a new born baby's.  Yes, believe it or not, it was as clean and new as the day he was born!  I gushed with pride, relief, and amazement.  It was a miracle, and lucky for us, we had the photographs to prove it.  We told the doctor about Matula Tea and since then, we tell everyone we know who complains about acid reflux, ulcers, or worse yet, Barret's disease, that they need to give this tea a try and see what it will do for them. saved my husband's health,
and indeed his life..

As for us, we are eternally grateful and want to send our a deeply felt thank you to the good people who manufacture Matula Tea - you saved my husband's health, and indeed his life.  We now do a Matula Tea cleanse once a year as maintenance, in order to kill off any of the virus that finds its way into our system through the food we eat and the polluted water we all drink.

We're enjoying good health and a wonderful life, and we owe much of that to Matula Tea, so thank you again!

Neil & Leea Winter
Dunedin, FL USA




I am honoured and excited to write to you today to inform you that your Matula Herbal Formula has, indeed, cured me of my H. pylori … in only one month!

As you know, Professor Bouic recommended me to you confidently saying that he had tested your product and that it had been empirically proven by their laboratories to effectively eradicate H. pylori. In fact, he mentioned that your product is the only known alternative remedy to H. pylori that he has come across, that actually works.

It has allowed me to not have to utilise any conventional antibiotics which, as we both know, can be grossly detrimental to patients, especially patients, like myself, that have a Candidiasis history.

As I have great respect for Professor Bouic, I was keen to try out your formula, hence my initial contact with you, recommended by Professor Bouic.

Well, as they say, the rest is history. Professor Bouic has attested to the fact that his latest test for H. pylori on me indicates a clear negative reading!

I must thank you most generously and deeply for your absolute dedication to the formulation of Matula Herbal Formula, and your sincere, keen and professional support you have afforded me through the administering of the formula. Your deep sincerity is becoming too rare these days. Please take this as a heartfelt accolade to you.

I end off wishing you a splendid day and enormous luck and goodwill with your global marketing of this amazing product.


Mr Dorian G.

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