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Patient Testimonials

Patient testimonials can be hard to believe sometimes - lots of companies use false or manufactured testimonials to make their products look so good that you can't resist buying them. Well, we are not like that. Matula Tea™ is clinically proven to work and we can assure you that all these testimonials are genuine.

We have no reason to post false testimonials or endorsements because we have scientific proof that Matula Tea works.

Also take a minute to read the endorsement of world renowned Immunologist Professor Patrick JD Bouic Ph.D in conjunction with the results of the clinical tests on Matula Tea - then you will see why antibiotic treatments don't generate great testimonials from patients that have used these drugs!



Relief in only 3 days....

I had suffered for 6 months with a sharp pain beneath my sternum every time I ate. I was in pain every day no matter what or how much or little I ate.

I started to take Prilosec. It offered sporadic and limited relief. The pain increased and I began to miss work. I did not have any health insurance and did not want to go on antibiotics that cause more problems and are worse than the illness.

On Christmas Day 2008, I began to search the internet for help. I stumbled across this special herbal tea. It was expensive, but I was in much pain so I took a gamble. After 3 days of drinking the Matula Tea as well as some probiotics, I began to feel relief.

I haven't taken a single Prilosec since then and can now eat whatever,
whenever I want as long as I drink the Matula as prescribed. This was a
miracle for me. I do not worry about missing work or being doubled over in

Thank you for this product!!! May God bless your efforts to help

Jaci P, USA

Cured of H. pylori... in only one month!

I am honored and excited to write to you today to inform you that your Matula Tea has, indeed, cured me of my H. pylori … in only one month!

As you know, Professor Bouic recommended me to you confidently saying that he had tested your product and that it had been empirically proven by their laboratories to effectively eradicate H. pylori. In fact, he mentioned that your product is the only known alternative remedy to H. pylori that he has come across, that actually works.

It has allowed me to not have to utilize any conventional antibiotics which, as we both know, can be grossly detrimental to patients, especially patients, like myself, that have a Candidiasis history.

As I have great respect for Professor Bouic, I was keen to try out your formula, hence my initial contact with you, recommended by Professor Bouic.

Well, as they say, the rest is history. Professor Bouic has attested to the fact that his latest test for H. pylori on me indicates a clear negative reading!

I must thank you most generously and deeply for your absolute dedication to the formulation of Matula Tea, and your sincere, keen and professional support you have afforded me through the administering of the formula. Your deep sincerity is becoming too rare these days. Please take this as a heartfelt accolade to you.

I end off wishing you a splendid day and enormous luck and goodwill with your global marketing of this amazing product.


Dorian G.
Strategic Business Consultant
Cape Town

Violet C , USA

I am writing to let you know that six weeks after completing the course of Matula Tea, my husband had another stool test for h.pylori, and the results read "normal". What a welcome result, after almost two years, and seven different combinations of antibiotics. We can only put this down to Matula tea.

Thank you.

Laura K, USA

I did have the HPSA performed and the results for H. Pylori were negative.  Thank you for this wonderful tea.  I really appreciate that I didn't have to take drugs to eradicate this problem.  The tea tastes good too.

Elizabeth Lanza, US

I was diagnosed with H. pylori and a stomach ulcer this past September. I found your website and ordered Matula as soon as I read the information on the site. I am happy to tell you that I just got the results from my Stool Antigen test and it was negative.

I want to thank you again and again for helping to restore me back to health. I am now juicing cabbage and carrots to help heal the ulcer. I'll have an endoscopy in a couple of weeks to see how that is coming along. I am sure I am on the mend. Thank you again for this wonderful product. I did not have to take the massive amounts of antibiotics my dr. prescribed. He had me take them last year when he found the H. pylori the first time and they didn't work. It was a nightmare of a treatment and it still didn't work. That is why I developed an ulcer this year.

I am feeling strong and healthy again!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sally H, New Zealand

I had 3 treatments from different doctors and they didn't know what was wrong with me. Then I went to a natural therapist for treatment for the last year..For the last year I have been taking different natural remedies, it made a huge improvement but took a lot longer than the natural therapist thought.

I have never been tested for H.pylori, as no one ever told me about it, but I have all the symptoms, I only found out about it after finding your website after much desperation to be well again. I finished your tea 2 months ago and have been really well.

Just so you know it tasted great, very easy to take. Thank you very much. Just wish I had found it earlier, I would have saved a lot of money.

Want to find out more about
Matula Tea?

Our highly informative Product Fact Sheet gives you an in depth
view of our best treatment regimen as well as a full discussion on
In Vitro and In Vivo studies.

You can also learn more about the efficacy of Matula Tea against other organisms such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia (E) coli, and Candida Albicans.

Click here to download now


Drusilla H, Florida USA

I want to thank God for finding your product, and thank you for having developed it. I had been suffering for several months with bleeding ulcers. I had started out at 137 lbs, and lost down to 98 lbs in just a matter of months. My stomach hurt if I did eat, or if I didn't. My ulcers kept me from sleeping at night because of the pain. The doctors put me on the little purple pill, which did not help at all. Food hurt me. I got weaker and weaker. I thought I literally was going to die. Then I went online and discovered your tea.

When I saw the price was $150 it did not matter to me. One months worth of the little purple pill cost the same, which did not work, and your tea was promising to cure my ulcer. I knew it was worth a try and i ordered it. To be out of pain was worth the risk of $150 for trying a cup of tea morning and night to me for 30 days. The pills would have me taking them for the rest of my life at the same price for just one box of your tea. It brings me to tears when I think of that first morning that I drank a little cup of your tea--it was the first pain free two hours that I had had in months. I knew your product was going to work.

Each morning and night that I drank it, my pain got less and less, until I had none. I swear by your product and tell everybody that i find out has ulcers about it. A friend of mine named Samuel Peachey came to visit with digestive problems, and he was in pain and loosing weight too. My stomach had hurt down low, but his was hurting up high. I told him about the tea. He asked me to order him some with his credit card and I did. I had a second box at home that I bought to help other people with, and I gave him a two week supply to last until his tea arrived. He called me and said it was working and thanked me.

A little while longer and he called and asked me to order him three more boxes so he could help some other people he knew. Your product is wonderful. I thank God for your company. Now when people see me, they don't see the pain in my face anymore.

Maureen K, UK

I went for an endoscopy on 20th of march 08 ,and was told that every thing was ok and that there was no sign of the h pylori. I was very pleased with the good news so I would like to say a very big thank you to you and your "Matula Tea", it,s a" Miracle Tea".and would highly recommend it.

Yours Gratefully And once again a big THANK YOU,


Janet A, USA

I spoke with you on the phone about 4 weeks ago. I'm the one who wasn't sure if I took the tea properly because I had cereal at night sometimes before taking the tea. I thought I was going to need to re- take the month course, but you encouraged me to go ahead and send in a stool sample to BioHealth Diagnostics (who I had sent my first stool sample to) to see if I really needed to repeat the course or not.

Well, I did and the results thankfully came back negative for h.pylori!! I was so excited to get the news, and I told you I would let you know what happened so I hope you get this note!!! I am sincerely grateful for your help!!!

Gabrielle, USA

I got my life back!!!! And I owe it all to Matula Tea!!!

I did not notice any improvement until three days after finishing my 30-day treatment. I had already given up, when I started noticing that I was getting better. Now, 2-1/2 weeks later I have hardly any symptoms left and I feel fabulous - as if my entire body slowly got deflated back to it's normal state and as if somebody wiped my brain clean.

My H. pylori infection was discovered by a doctor who practices craniobiotic technique, after I had spent thousands of dollars for over 2 years in various doctor's offices. Nobody could figure out my unusual symptoms. Beside my terrible bowel inflammation, that would not go away, I had developed symptoms of spondylitis, rosacea, adrenal exhaustion, hypoglycemia and some weird nervous system disorder. I had a strange electrically charged feeling in my brain and dizziness on a daily basis. MS was suspected, but ruled out. All blood tests came back showing I was healthy as a horse. I did not tolerate any anti-inflammatories or pain medications.

The doctors got so frustrated with me that the last one irritably asked me "what do you want me to do?" and referred me to a neuro-psychologist. Anxiety was supposedly my problem. I was at the end of my rope and very angry. I did not have your regular ulcer symptoms with acid reflux and belching, but I did have very localized sharp pain (which I still experience very faintly) and incredible bloating and swelling.

H. pylori had wreaked havoc with my health in every nasty way possible. If the doctors would have listened, they could've figured this out. A chiropractor did....go figure! How lucky for me that I found your site!!!! I am continuing to double up on high quality fish oil, coconut oil, probiotics, and Juice Plus.

I am so happy, I could cry!!!! I will be ordering for my brother in Sweden in the next 2 weeks. He's currently out of the country.

Thank you again and keep up all the good work.


Mr Dave B, USA

mr Dave B

I'm 33 years old and 8 years ago I was diagnosed with GERD via and upper GI. For the past 8 years I have had to take Prilosec every other day. If I missed one dose I would be in a lot of pain. A year ago I tried to stop taking Prilosec and just tried to take a Pepcid with each meal but after one week my heartburn was so bad I needed to go back on the Prilosec. Frustrated from needing a pill to be normal, I came across your website and decided to take a risk of buying this crazy tea from South Africa. I used as directed and really didn't even change my diet.

After one week of the tea my stomach felt like I was eighteen again and I was finally able to stop taking the Prilosec. My heartburn went away and since then I have still not taken one Prilosec. It has been 30 days since I stopped drinking the tea and I still have not taken One Prilosec. This is truly remarkable for me and never in 8 years have I felt so good. I am so thankful that I bought this tea. It really works!

Suzana, New York

Thank you very much for this great tea. I was diagnosed with H-pylori in February and began right away to take antibiotics but had to interrupt them because they gave me side affects. Then within two days your tea came and I strictly followed the directions for drinking it. After a month I went for the lab work and am h-pylori free.

By the way the tea is extremely tasteful and a special smell.(really!!!). There is something about it that it was giving me even full energy for all day and I wish it was cheaper as I was going to drink it every day for the rest of my life. I hope I'll not get H-pylori ever in my life, but if so, I know where to get help.

KariSioux, USA

I found Matula Tea to be quite delicious! My stomach feels much better- I've eaten some raw, organic carrots, and yesterday had some organic green tea.....and my stomach is fine!! I've been having some raw fruit as well (plums, grapes and mangoes) also with wonderful results!!

Let me just say that I've been retested and the h.pylori is GONE!!! Your Matula Tea is wonderful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart....and stomach!

Mr T.A, Varberg, Sweden (translated)

My sister and I suffered from peptic ulcers for a few years and for both of us it just got worse. She was then completely cured by taking your herbal tea from Africa, which you gave her. Later you kindly supplied me with a treatment course of the tea and within a month from starting the course, the ulcer was gone and, now after a few years, I have never had it again. As recommended, I have cut down on acidic food and alcohol; I only drink a little red wine now and again. Thank you once again.

Mrs F. H, Derbyshire, UK

I took a course of Matula in September. I didn't have a re-test to see if I still had h.pylori, because I know, that I know, that I have not got it any more. I am writing to thank you for such a great product. Another skin condition that I had has also imrpoved.

Mr J.G.N, Mors, Denmark (translated)

Some four years ago, I was on a business trip to S. Africa. One day I told you about my bleeding ulcer, it was really bad at the time, with a lot of blood in the stool. You suggested that I try the Ulcer Tea and on my return to Denmark a couple of days later, I started the 30 days course. After the first week, I already felt a lot better and the pain was far less, after the second week the pain and the bleeding had completely stopped. I completed the course and up till this day, I have had no more pain or bleeding. Thank you and bless you.

Mr E.L, Struer, Denmark (translated)

During 2003, my ulcer just got worse and worse. I was diagnosed with Peptic Ulcer and started a treatment, which was a ten day course of antibiotics. It didn't help so I started on another course of two different antibiotics. My condition improved, but only for a short while, then the pain was back with a vengeance. In the meantime I heard about a herbal treatment produced by you in South Africa. I was told that it was not yet on the market, but I was welcome to try it out. On receipt of the course, I commenced taking it twice a day and already after 8-10 days, did I feel a lot better and on completion of the 30 days course, the pain and discomfort had gone and has never returned. Thank you very much.

Mr C.G, Banbury, U.K

All my adult life, I have suffered from heartburn and stomach pain. A couple of years ago, my doctor checked me and diagnosed it Peptic Ulcer. He prescribed a one week course of antibiotics. It didn't help, so he prescribed another one. This relieved the pain for a week or so, but then it was back in full force. During this period, I was told about your Traditional Tea and a friend, through relatives in South Africa, managed to obtain a 30 days treatment course from you. I started this course and within 2 weeks I felt so much better and at the end of the course, I felt completely cured. This is now over 3 years ago and neither the ulcer nor the pain has ever recurred. I am still following the recommended diet low on fat, sugar and acid and have greatly reduced my intake of alcohol. I am very grateful for your help.

Mr G.O, East London, South Africa

In September, 2004, I was hospitalized for two days with a bleeding ulcer. I was given antibiotics for a 6 weeks period. At the end of the period, the treatment was extended for a further 6 weeks. A friend of mine, who is a Homeopath, told me about a herbal tea for ulcer, produced by a friend of his and he then obtained a treatment course from you. After the completion of the herbal tea course, I felt very much better and returned to the hospital for a check up. The doctor was amazed, how well the ulcers had healed and said he could not even see traces of them. He said no further treatment was necessary. I am feeling very well now and not on any medication. Many thanks to you and my homeopath friend for helping me. Please send me another treatment course, which I will keep for "just in case".

Mrs D.F, Sweden

During the year 1999, my ulcer was getting real bad. I was in constant pain and was consuming large quantities of Antacids. It was difficult and sometimes impossible for me to carry on with my work. Then I heard about this Ulcer remedy and obtained a one month treatment. On receipt, I started to take it immediately and already after the first week did I feel much better. At the end of the treatment all pain was gone and I felt so much better. I have never needed to take it again.

Mrs D. G, Mosselbay, South Africa

Pain and discomfort was always with me. It did help me for a short while, then bang - back to where I started. Through a friend, I heard about your Ulcer Tea and you kindly send me a month supply. I started the treatment right away and after 8 to 10 days I did feel very much better and at the end of the treatment, I felt 100%. This is now approx. two years ago and I am not on any stomach medication whatsoever. Your treatment really worked. Thank you.

Mr D.B, Vanderbijlpark, South Africa

I have suffered from ulcer for a number of years. The doctors diagnosed it as peptic ulcers, but also said that I suffered from acid reflux, a condition whereby the stomach acid passes through the esophagus up to the throat, when lying down. It is very uncomfortable and also causes throat infections. I have been on quite a number of different antibiotics over the years, they seem to help for a short while, but then pain and discomfort is back again. Last year, I heard about your Herbal Tea remedy and obtained a treatment course. I completed the course and felt fine and now some 16 months later, I have no pain and discomfort. Thank you very much.

Mr K.M.M, George, South Africa

When a common friend, A.K., told me about your herbal tea, I was very skeptical. I thought to myself: what can an herbal tea do which cannot be done by modern medicine. I had at that time suffered from a perforated ulcer for 2-3 years, had been on a number of treatments, several of which were antibiotics. Nothing gave lasting relief, in a short while the pain was back again. After taking your tea for about 2 weeks the pain was gone and after a further 2 weeks, I felt really great. This is now a couple of years ago and the ulcer has not returned. I thank you very much for your help in fighting this illness.

Mr D.W, Cape Town, South Africa

I wish to thank you for letting me try out your wonderful herbal tea. For years I suffered from heartburn, so-called reflux and a very nasty pain in my stomach. The doctors treated me over the years with all sorts of medications, of which some were antibiotics, but the pain and discomfort always returned after a while. After drinking your tea for a couple of weeks, I suddenly did not have the pain any longer. I carried on with the treatment for a month and the pain completely disappeared and till this day has not returned. I feel like a new person. Thank you so much.

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